The Skills Resource Network (SRN)

The Skills Resource Network (SRN) aims at preparing graduates for the world of work through specialist training that exposes them to the benefits of a more alert and critical business mind.

The SRN aims at providing links between its Partners, who are mainly corporate entities on the one hand, and qualified students that have been trained to join a repository of skilled resources called The Skills Bank.

The Skills Bank® is a resource network for GIC graduates seeking employment resources as well as organizations seeking skilled and vetted human resources.  By offering organizations in Ghana easy access to professional young graduates who are embarking on their careers, The Skills Bank® is an important means of putting holders of CSCP/SGPP Certificates into the job market.

The Skills Bank® is designed to serve two important functions.  It serves as a:

  • Collection of cutting-edge services for both job seekers and employers; and
  • Forum for both parties to network with one another as a means of optimizing employment and business opportunities.

Job Seekers
Free Services for GIC Certificate holders seeking employment include:
1.    Continuing Skills Development Programme
2.    Career Advisory Services
3.    Internships
4.    Employment Access
5.    Exclusive Networking Opportunities

The Skills Bank® is designed to optimize an organization’s resources by eliminating many encumbering steps in the human resource recruitment and vetting process.  Any organization that requires the use of qualified professionals either on a short term or long term basis can be offered the pick of The Skills Bank®, thus giving them the ability to acquire suitable, vetted personnel for ongoing projects.  

The Skills Bank® also offers organizations in Ghana easy access to skilled, analytical, professionally trained GIC certificate holders in two major categories: (1) Young graduates at the beginning of their careers and (2) Mature professionals with a wide range of experience and specialisations.

Free Services for employers include:

1.    Skilled, vetted human resources at no-cost, low-cost or market price.
2.    Unique opportunities to market and advertise your enterprise.
3.    Targeted position vacancy listings.
4.    Opt-in directory of public and private sector business contacts.  

Organizations wishing to avail themselves of The Skills Bank® should Contact the Ghana Institute of Consulting with details of their requirements.

     How to Join

Individuals who are successful in attaining a CSCP/SGPP certification will have the opportunity to join The Skills Bank®. Once in the database, CSCP/SGPP Certificate-holders become available to a variety of organizations that have the need for their unique and competitive skills. This can be seen as a gateway to professional employment.

The Model

The Skills Bank® Model is depicted as follows:

Undertake GIC Consulting Specialist Training
Pass the CSCP/SGPP Skills Assessment Examination
Become a Member of The Skills Bank®
Receive Exclusive Membership Benefits
Become a Highly Skilled Professional


Become an Employable Business Asset!
Advantages of The Skills Bank® Model

The Skills Bank® offers organizations in Ghana free and easy access to professional young graduates and mature consulting specialists. More importantly, The Skills Bank® acts as a means of providing holders of GIC Certificates with concrete employment opportunities. 

For employers and HR managers, The Skills Bank® will help to simplify your human resource procedures by removing time-consuming and resource-draining steps that are typical of the vetting process. 

Currently, no institution in Ghana offers these comprehensive services.